Friday Flea Market

Posted by on May 8, 2009 in On The Road, shop online
Prepping for a garage sale this afternoon and maybe Saturday so I only have a few moments but I wanted to take a moment to pop into blog land and say hello!


A lot is on my plate this next month including moving (will share more about that later), prepping for the Funky Junk Sisters Show, Jury Duty (oh joy!) and looking for a secondary income (hopefully just part-time for now). Will share more on all of the above but at the moment I just wanted to update you on Friday Flea Market as some of you may be wondering where it’s been. The Friday Flea Market has changed some of their criteria so I will not be posting new items here each Friday. I am still part of Friday Flea Market but will now just be posting my items in my Etsy store which you are always welcome to stop by and browse!


Back to the garage for me! Happy weekend to you!

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