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Posted by on Jul 29, 2011 in diy idea

I think I have an addiction to lamp shades. No really, I have way too many! So when a customer recently bought the lampshade off of one of my lamps I went digging in my stash for a replacement. I found the perfect one but sadly it had some light streaks around it making it very unattractive.

Of course they is no way I would throw it out so I started looking around my stash of craft supplies for a solution. And then I saw it…a Sharpie! Yes indeed you read right, a good old fashioned black felt tip Sharpie marker.

Took a few practice runs on a piece of paper before committing my elementary school style cursive writing to the shade and then went to town repeating some bible quotes around and around and around until it looked the way I wanted.
The slanted pattern I used covered over most of the little flaws just prefectly! The style varied based on the amount of pressure I put on the pen while writing and the marker did bleed if I slowed down or stopped in one place. Either way I really like how it turned out and it took just a mere 15-20 minutes.

One shade down, many to go…

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