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Posted by on Jun 16, 2012 in shopkeep thoughts

I was completely lazy yesterday! The kind of lazy where the most ambitious thing I did was change out of my pajama bottoms into a pair of sweats.

Now that didn’t mean I wasn’t able to accomplish anything mind you. I can do a lot in my sweats with a laptop in front of me and a cup of coffee beside me. So today I spent a bit of time evaluating my blog. I love blogging but it seems to fall the wayside in all the other todo’s on my list. So I decided to get real with myself began writing out a mission of sorts for my ‘new’ blogs future.

Here is a summary of my thoughts and wants for the blog…

1. Post more regularly…I have a tendency to post in spurts and I hate that. I want to post no less than twice a week.

2. Post more real…I spent too many years writing headlines, blurbs, titles and catch phrases for marketing sake and I feel like I’ve lost the ‘realness’ of my writing. I want to write more like I talk not in cute catch phrases that have been over edited.

3. Post better content…I want to share more of the things I love and not just shop talk all the time. Things like recipes, fun finds, project diy’s, random tips, recipes, faith, interior decorating and fashion. Plus some customer features and link parties just for fun!

Ultimately I want this to be a blog I would actually want to read and right now it’s not!

So in my efforts to get real I start with a current pic of me!!!

I hate getting my picture taken but had a recent photo shoot at the shop (more on that later) and since I was all dressed up I let Julie snap a few pics of me. Yep, I do exist!

Here’s to new beginnings and a more vulnerable blog…

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