Garage Sale Success

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Instead of having a sale the week or so ago that I had planned I became overwhelmed and then postponed it to this past weekend. I’m actually quite glad I did as it gave me another week to purge through closets and even pushed my mom and dad to go through some of their long neglected cubbies of stuff. It eneded up making for a pretty large garage sale and we were all very satisfied with the amount stuff we sold.

You can’t tell how much stuff is here based on this picture but it was dripping items all the way out into the driveway.

Of all the items that sold at the garage though I was suprised that not a single person was interested in this darling antique cane back couch of my moms. Wishing I had a space for it myself…anyone interested? :0)

It was also gorgeous both Friday and Saturday and it felt so good to be outside without a jacket. I half wished I was out hitting up the garage sales myself. In fact within moments of closing my garage sale on Saturday I found the most awesome cabinet on Craigslist that I went to get and also plan on taking to the Funky Junk Sisters show…stay tuned.

Off to Jury Duty tomorrow! Wish me luck!


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