Discipline …part one

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‘Discipline’ …it’s the word of the year for me and like a child I find myself cringing when I even think what that word could mean. However, as an adult I realize the great need for discpline in ones life. So as my new years resolution (I know am a whole month late) I am focusing on adding a needed discipline each month and for the sake of accountability I will post my monthly goals here for all to see.

So what’s the goal for this month you ask? Summed up in one word…lunch! Since starting my job at the end of last year I have yet to get my act together in packing a lunch for myself on a regular basis. Eating out once a week is one thing but almost every day is just not acceptable. Not only because my healthy choices are limited but because it’s such a waste of money. So starting tomorrow I am packing a lunch 4 out of every 5 days that I work…I don’t want to totally deprive myself of eating out.

So in my quest for easy and healthy options I was inspired by these photos I found on Flickr.

Found on Flickr by Sherimiya
Ok, so my lunches may never look as adorable these but after browsing through many photos I realized that good and healthy lunches do not need to be complicated. An assortment of easy to pack and ready to go items with an occasional prepping or cooking is all it takes for a healthy and whole lunch.

It will be worth it…right? So tell me what easy and healthy lunches you would recommend.
Also, I encourage you to join me in your own area of discipline…what are you going to focus on this month?

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