3rd Annual Barn Sale

Posted by on Aug 23, 2013 in classic farmhouse store
3rd Annual Barn Sale
Barn Sale Flyer 2013aAfter the chaos of last year I swore I’d never do another barn sale, but here we are again!  Its that time of year were we clear out the old to make room for the new! Old inventory marked down to great prices, project pieces we’ve lost interest in and so much more! Mark your calendars!!!
junk picSchedule is like so: …
Friday Nite Flash Sale, Sept 20th, 4:30 to 7:00pm…A couple hours of crazy with awesome finds and special discounts throughout the store!!! No negotiating on this night…you like it, you snag it, you take it home!
Saturday, Sept 21st, 10am to 3pm…A regular old sale day!!! If you like to shop at a more leisurely pace this is your day.
Sunday, Sept 22nd, 10am to 3pm…Lets make a deal!!! This is the day where I get desperate and start loading extra chairs and such in your car just so I don’t have to put stuff back in my shed…seriously though this is the best day for last minute deals!
NO PRE HOLDS and all items must be picked up that weekend.
We learned a lot last year and are making a few changes to hopefully improve the experience.
1. We will have 2 to 3 registers available so no waiting in a forever long line.
2. Location will actually be at our shop which has ample parking!
3. We are also working out a better way to hold items while you shop, there was some confusion about what belonged to who. We are brainstorming ideas to make this better!
If you have any other helpful criticisms about how we could improve last years experience please send us a message. We appreciate your feedback!

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